FAQs, Details of West Region Championships in San Antonio

Check for updates to this post. And you can find updated information about all West Region Championships via this link.

2020-21 ODP West Region Championships FAQs

updated 13 May 2021

Administration and Communications


Athletes selected to West Regionals rosters are required to have the TYR gear linked here. However, the gear is identical to what athletes wore at National Championships in 2020. So if you already have it you don’t need to buy it again.

The Southwest Zone gear is completely optional… but a point of pride! We will not be asking athletes to purchase a Southwest Zone tee-shirt this season but welcome them to wear one on game day. The store should be updated soon to allow for individual purchases of tee shirts just like all the other items.


Selected athletes should be receiving an email from USA Water Polo regarding the next steps toward participating at West Regionals in San Antonio over Memorial Day weekend. It should include instructions for payment and more logistics.

Email list

If you have family members who are not on this email list please sign them up here or share the link with them.


We have invited our families to join a GroupMe with good success in the past. We’ll do the same this year but may create separate ones for boys and girls. Read more about GroupMe if you’re unfamiliar and we’ll share a link as soon as possible.


There will be no individual team training prior to the tournament. We are working on options for training our athletes prior to the tournament. None have been solidified but all families will be notified if and when those plans fall in place. Any training will very likely take place on a Sunday prior to Memorial Day weekend.

In San Antonio

  • Dates: May 29-31, 2021
  • Zones Participating:  HAW, MNT, PNW, SEZ, SWZ
  • Each zone to bring 2 teams per gender and division.
  • Purpose: To give these zones more play opportunities and additional time to evaluate the athletes for the zone team.


The tournament takes place at the Northside ISD Natatorium (Swim Center) at 8400 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78249.

Team Meetings

Because athletes are not lodging together we expect them to meet with their coaches one hour before their games. Plan on meeting your coaches here unless we become aware of a better place to do so.

Travel and lodging

For those who have participated in ODP travel events in the past, this event will be very different than past ones.

Families are responsible for all travel and lodging for their athletes and families, including ground transportation in San Antonio. ODP coaches will not be transporting athletes and there will be no official hotel at which athletes will stay.

Consult this list of hotels blocked by USA Water Polo to reserve a room.


There will be two spectators per athlete allowed into the facility for each game. After each game, the stands will be cleared as the next group of spectators come into the facility. Parents should expect to meet with coaches and their athletes outside the gates of the facility.

Friday Night

USA Water Polo is asking participants to arrive in San Antonio around 5:00 PM on Friday, May 28. A presentation about playing water polo in college is planned for the stadium pool at the facility at that time.


We are asking for “team parents” to help coaches with certain things like having food and drinks available for the athletes between games. Contact me if you are interested in doing so.


We are very proud of the reputation our Zone has earned among fans, officials, and our hosts for being courteous and thoughtful throughout our trips. Let’s maintain that reputation by respecting hotel rules, curfews, etc. Yes, an athlete can be sent home for bad behavior. It’s been done, just not in our Zone.

National Team Selection Camp

National coaches from USA Water Polo will be attending the tournament in San Antonio and, as in past years, will help select athletes to attend his or her age group’s National Team Selection Camp in Orange County, CA, June 28-30. Those athletes will likely be announced on Monday at the conclusion of competition in San Antonio.

Athletes attending NTSC are eligible to be selected for an International Training Trip. There will be a fee for the trip.

Dates: July 31 to August 8/9
Boys to Budapest, Hungary
Girls to Athens, Greece
Age Groups: 26 Youth and 26 Cadet athletes